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Industry Focus

Imported fresh fruit discharged at HIT can be seamlessly transshipped to Nanhai International Container Terminal (NICT) through reliable feeder services.

Upon Customs pre-declaration, fresh fruit can be released about 2 hours after feeder arrived at NICT, which is located within one-hour trucking distance from Jiangnan Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market.

We have the expertise and experience to provide efficient automotive logistics services. Our company has a competitive advantage due to our ownership of both seaport and inland terminals, which come equipped with barges, trucks, and rails, enabling us to provide a broad range of value-added services. In addition to this, with our proficiency in managing land space and inside warehouse operations at our port terminal, we are fully equipped to offer our customers “just-in-time” logistics services with ease.

We offer one-stop solutions to China importers, including Customs clearance, warehouse & distribution and relevant value-added services.

Partnering with China Cold Chain Investment Industry Group (CCII), a member of Beijing Holdings Group, we refer importers to relevant financial institutes offering suitable cold chain trade finance instruments to match up with overseas cold cargo supplying plants to facilitate relevant trades.

We transport and provide inspection facilities for recycle materials in HK to facilitate shipper’s import to fulfill government regulations and permits requirement.

Everyday, we help customers solving day-to-day partical problems. Our goal is to build long-term partnerships with our customers and continuing to implement new logistics solutions with competitive advantage.

We provide solutions to deliver their cargoes from door-to-door based on individual market requirements. We also provide PO management and total cargo visibility by integrating our tracking system to customer’s management system, this allow customer to easily access the cargo availability.

We provide cost effective solutions to timely deliver raw materials to factories to fit their time sensitive production cycle. We offer consolidation of cargoes in origins and storage faciities in destination to lower the cost for customers. We provides Consolidation Centre in China (CCC) to our customers. Aside from providing storage, consolidation and related VAS, we also provide an end-to-end logistics solution to cater for the special need of manufacturers, including but not limited to trucking, freight arrangement and on-forwarding to final destination. With our customized logistics solution and unique port network support, we provide seamless connectivity for these cargoes to go from our warehouse to their final destination with unparalleled cargo visibility.

We have solid experience and competent specialists to provide a wide-range services for handling DG cargoes in South China. Supported by our affiliated Hongkong International Terminal (HIT) and Yantian International Container Terminal (YICT), we are also equip with DG storage, dedicated DG Barges, and DG Tractors in Hong Kong to offer total supply chain solutions to fulfil customers’ requirements. Our seamless connectivity and professional knowhow offer valued solutions to our customers.

We have been offering total supply chain solutions to the HKSAR Government for the supply of liquid chlorine from Mainland China to Hong Kong for water sterilization.

Our extensive experience in handling, storing, and distributing White Goods on behalf of top appliance manufacturers and retailers has been proven over time. We offer consistent and excellent service levels to shippers in this industry by utilizing our port-centric facilities, which are conveniently located on or near our Hutchison Ports network. Our facilities are in close proximity to the quay and container yards, allowing us to minimize the distance containers need to be shunted for unloading at our warehouses. This reduces the potential risk of detention and demurrage charges, while improving visibility and lead times for goods to be made available for final mile distribution directly to the end customer.