Aluminium Importers - Choose Port of Felixstowe

16 August 2016


For those businesses and trading companies importing aluminium products into the UK, the choice of destination port is one of the most important factors to be considered when making their global supply chain decisions.


At the Port of Felixstowe, the Port of Britain, we firstly can offer shippers more options and possibilities to source aluminium from anywhere around the globe as we have the widest choice of shipping line services arriving daily into the UK.


When the cargo arrives into the UK, shippers need to find a proven, reliable partner who has the experience, knowledge and specialist equipment to handle, store and distribute these aluminium products which can be in the form of sheets, reels or bespoke long-length extrusions up to 6.5 metres long.


We have developed these capabilities at Hutchison Logistics and can provide shippers a seamless service including customs clearance,  shunting of containers from our yard to our on/near port warehouses in Felixstowe, specialist handling, storage and we can also arrange outbound distribution to end customers based anywhere throughout the UK and mainland Europe.


Most importantly, we can provide shippers with real-time visibility of their latest stock records and can offer the quickest possible turnaround for any call-off requests to deliver aluminium products direct from our Felixstowe warehouse facilities to the door of their UK and/or European end customers using our curtain-sided or flatbed trailers for ease of unloading at the delivery point.


We use our best intent to help businesses make better informed decisions and we hope by sharing this post will help shippers consider the Port of Felixstowe as their port of choice for the specialist handling of their aluminium products.