Food Importers - Choose Port of Felixstowe

29 April 2016


For those businesses and trading companies importing food produce into the UK, the choice of destination port is one of the most important factors to be considered when making their global supply chain decisions.


At the Port of Felixstowe, the Port of Britain, we firstly can offer shippers more options and possibilities to source a variety of food produce from anywhere around the globe as we have the widest choice of shipping line services arriving daily into the UK.


When the cargo arrives into the UK, shippers need to find a proven, reliable partner who has the experience and specialist knowledge to fully comply with the necessary procedures to ensure their goods are processed accurately and quickly.  Hutchison Logistics has extensive customs clearance experience in a variety of products, that range from health and beauty products to polymers; housewares to paper reels; and especially in the frozen and fresh food sector. Whether it is to assist with using the correct preference certificate, guidance on selecting the correct commodity code/duty rate, or advising if your product qualifies for an import Licence or for quota, we're here to help.


We work closely with our Hutchison Ports colleagues and with the Port Health authorities, who are now co-located in the newly upgraded £4m state-of-the-art Temperature Controlled Examination Facility at the Port of Felixstowe, improving the communication between all parties concerned.  We extensively use Port Health’s Traces system which is backed up by the ALVS (Automatic Licence Verification System) for which our in-house specialist team of customs experts have had training and a unique insight into this new system.


Most importantly, we can provide shippers a seamless service where their containers are “landed” rapidly to the terminal post vessel arrival, that strict temperature specifications are adhered to, and that key operational processes are both transparent and flexible, ensuring speed and control when clearing such time-sensitive, high-value food cargo.


We use our best intent to help businesses make better informed decisions and we hope that by sharing this post, we will help shippers consider the Port of Felixstowe as their port of choice for the specialist handling of their frozen and fresh food produce.