Top 10 Benefits of Port Centric Logistics Solutions

13 October 2016


At Hutchison Logistics, we regularly engage with medium to large shippers interested to explore with us the options and benefits they can derive from introducing an element of Port Centric logistics solutions when making their global supply chain decisions.


At the Hutchison Ports, we firstly can offer shippers more options and possibilities with regard to Port Centric logistics solutions given the local expertise and facilities on/near the port being capable of handling all types of specialist cargo, together with having the widest choice of shipping line services of any Hutchison ports.


To help shippers determine whether Port Centric logistics solutions may be right for them, we would like to share the following top 10 benefits that can be gained from “moving the goods, rather than the containers”:


  1. Flexible choice when goods arrive at port – gives the option to intercept the container early and delays the decision of where best to deliver the goods;
  2. Reduced empty container movements – no need to transport the container inland and the cost of returning it empty back to the port;
  3. Lower container handling/demurrage costs – avoids the potential delays and vehicle waiting times by live tipping container at inland NDC/RDC;
  4. Increase weights per container from origin – if container is devanned “on port”, there are options to increase cargo weights beyond road limits;
  5. Control/buffer to NDC and RDC networks – offers shippers the flexibility to feed into, or even bypass, the inland warehouses at a time to suit demand;
  6. Improved delivery certainty/stock visibility – earliest possible visibility of stock available for call off and offer direct deliveries to end customers;
  7. Reduced inland transport costs – improved backload opportunities for inland deliveries/collections using standard tautliner equipment;
  8. Opens value adding opportunities – potential to perform added value activities as soon as cargo has landed to meet end customer needs;
  9. Lower total costs across the supply chain – devanning and palletising on landing, improved container utilisation, removal of inland container haulage and savings in direct deliveries to end customer or regional platform;
  10. Improved sustainability for environment – less empty running costs as a result of "moving the goods, rather than the container".


We use our Best Intent to help shippers make Better Informed Decisions and we hope by sharing this post we will help shippers consider the Hutchison Ports as their port of choice when considering the benefits of Port Centric logistics solutions for their cargo.